Cancún, México

At Expert Transfers we offer you a vip and customized transfer service for you to travel between the airport and your hotel. Cancún is one of the most visited destinations across México, and we are proud to be successful here, with a 100% satisfaction rate for each tourist that has visited our country.

Everyone comes to Cancún to enjoy our beautiful dream beaches, like Playa Marlin in Cancún itself, Riviera Maya, Isla Mujeres and Tulum. They also come to meet our antique maya culture, and of course, to enjoy Tequila. At Expert Transfers we want to make sure your journey starts and ends in the best possible way by providing you a perfect transfer service.

What should you do when you arrive at International Airport of Cancún? 

We know this might be your first visit to Cancún, and so we want to give you a list of recommendations and instructions for you to follow in order to get the best possible experience.
Once you have your bags with you, it’s important to follow the airport guidance so that you can get to the transportation services company and travel agencies area.

Be careful about the "Time Share" services.

You’ll notice that while you are walking towards the main door, too many people we’ll be offering you tour services and activities at an incredible cost. Please don’t pay attention to them, and continue your way. You’ll hear something like “Time Share”, but those services are offered by sales people who will probably invite you to breakfasts or events where they will for sure try to sell you something.

Once you’ve got out of there, just walk across the main door and you’ll find every transportation service company: private taxis, uber or travel agencies waiting for their customers.

We'll be waiting for you

Our Expert Transfers team will show you a banner with our company name. It’s a must to present your voucher or confirmation number to our staff, so that we can provide you the service that you’ve already booked.

Once we’ve met you’ll be able to enjoy our custom transfer service just the way you’ve requested it, and soon you’ll be arriving to your hotel in a proper way, at a perfect time.

How do we know if your flight has arrived?

At Expert Transfers we are monitoring every national and international flight at every time to provide you a quality and efficient service.

Once you book your service online, we’ll schedule your flight information and check for delays or time changes in your flight on your arrival day.

Please don’t forget to book online at least 24 hs before your arrival or departure date, so that we can properly organize your transfer in the best way.